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Sunny beaches, ancient ruins, salubrious hill country, mesmerizing waterfalls and rivers, elephant excitement, adventurous trails, happy welcoming people, mouth watering cuisine………… your attention? That's just a glimpse of Sri Lanka.

After many years of being in hiding, Sri Lanka has once again revealed itself to the world and waiting for you to discover her hidden treasures.

Travelling on this island is easy. From whatever you fancy, short travelling distances makes holidaying in Sri Lanka worthwhile. From relaxing on the beach to hiking on the lush green hills, mingling with whales and dolphins to encounters with wild elephants, going back in time with ancient ruins to surfing the high waves, meditating amidst the peaceful wilderness in an ancient temple to para motoring in the skies, this wizard island will take you on an unforgettable journey.

There is something here for everyone! Sri Lanka offers gifts of indulgence for,  adventurers, nature lovers, photographers, historians, spiritual seekers, lovers, families, sports lovers or for those looking to simply  relax and enjoy a good old tropical holiday.

Leave your footprints in the sands of our paradise island. Experience Sri Lanka Your Way!


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